ReConFig 2018

ReConFig 2018


 Proceedings at IEEE Xplore

Keynote 1:

"FPGAs at HyperScale -- The Past, Present, and Future of the Reconfigurable Cloud" by Andrew Putnam, Microsoft Research, USA

Keynote 2:

"Just in Time Mission Composition: Tipping the Assurance Balance in Cyberspace" by Erich Devendorf, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Keynote 3:

"Adaptable Intelligent Computing from Edge to Cloud" by Hugo A. Andrade, Director, Xilinx University Program, USA



ReConFig 2018 Best Paper Award:

"Complex Multiply Accumulate Cells for the Square Kilometre Array Correlators", William Kamp (1), Norbert Abel (1) and Gianni Comoretto (2). (1) High Performance Computing Research Lab, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. (2) Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, Italy.