ReConFig 2011

ReConFig 2011



 IJRC Special Issue

Keynote 1:

"Accelerating Innovation and Discovery with Graphical System Design and Reconfigurable Processing Platforms" by Dr. James Truchard, National Instruments' president and CEO

Keynote 2:

"An Introduction to Tabula's Spacetime Architecture" by Dr. Brad Hutchings, Tabula, Inc.

Keynote 3:

"Reconfigurable Computing: What happens when you start at the requirements stage?" by Dr. Steve Kelem, ElementCXI, Inc.

Best Papers Award:

"An Analysis of Implanted Antennas in Xilinx FPGAs" Jacob Couch, Peter Athanas

"Adaptive Multi-client Network-on-Chip Memory" D. Göhringer, L. Meder, M. Hübner, J. Becker