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ReConFig 2013

Proceedings at IEEE Xplore






Journal Speccial Issues

ReConfig13 Special Issue of the journal "Microprocessors & Microsystems" Preparation in progress


Keynote 1:

"Moore's Law, Programmable Logic and Reconfigurable Systems" by Steve Trimberger, Xilinx Labs


Keynote 2:

"Past, Current, and Future of Faster, Cheaper, Better" by Tim Gallagher, Lockheed Martin


Keynote 3:

"Extreme Scale Challenges: Can Reconfigurable Computing come to the rescue?" by Maya Gokhale, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Best Papers Award:

"Improving Calibration Precision of Signal-Delay- Based Time Measurement Systems in FPGAs", Ralf Joost, Matthias Hinkfoth and Ralf Salomon

"FPGA2: An Open Source Framework for FPGA-GPU PCIe Communication" Yann Thoma, Alberto Dassatti and Daniel Molla

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