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ReConFig 2016

Proceedings at IEEE Xplore







 Keynote 1:

"Growing the ReConFig Community through Python, Zynq and Hardware Overlays" by Graham Schelle, Xilinx


Keynote 2:

"FPGAs in the Datacenter – A Software View" by Skip Booth, Cisco


ReConFig 2016 Best Paper Awards:

"Efficient Deep Neural Network Acceleration through FPGA-based Batch Processing", Thorbjörn Posewsky and Daniel Ziener. Hamburg University of Technology , Germany. 

"Packing a Modern Xilinx FPGA Using RapidSmith", Travis Haroldsen, Brent Nelson and Brad Hutchings. Brigham Young University and NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC), USA. 



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